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Default Ice Bowl Registration

There has been a great response so far to the online pre-registration for Waterloo’s Ice Bowl on Feb 2nd (done through Disc Golf United). Within minutes of the postings and the email going out on Monday we had our first sign-up: John Hovey – fastest keyboard in the west! We’ll have a special prize for John in honor of his speediness.

10 or 11 people signed up that first evening, about 5 more registered yesterday, and we are now up to 20.

Signing up online costs the full $15 entry fee, but if you bring 3 or more cans / non-perishable food items with you on Saturday, you will still receive the $2 discount when you check-in. Also, DGU is waiving their administrative fees as part of their sponsorship of Ice Bowl.

The link to our event’s sign up page is:
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