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Default Ice Bowl Raffle & Mulligan Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Ice Bowl on Saturday, and to those who couldn't make it out but still helped or sponsored the event!

Here are the Raffle Prize and Mulligan Prize winning ticket numbers. Some of the prizes have already been picked up but most still need to be claimed, including both Grand Prizes (Innova Discatcher Basket in the raffle and Innova Traveller Basket in the mulligans).

Sorry about the "crammed together format", I've never figured out how to paste in columns/cells on these discussion boards.

If you have any of these numbers, save the ticket and contact the club by posting here, emailing [email protected], or calling the club cell phone 512-994-9508.

A little bit later today we'll get the scores posted, and later this week we'll announce the total amount of money and food raised for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Thanks Again,
Waterloo Disc Golf Club



832606 blue skies disc,orange already claimed
832612 vibram obex disc already claimed
832639 s. carolina shirt, lolo sticker already claimed
832643 innova visor, world's biggest mini, lolo sticker
832661 glow dubz challenge disc
832673 used white innova shirt, thundercloud certificate
832686 thermal tote, thundercloud certificate
832688 blue dyed necklace, innova sticker
832695 yellow victoria open disc
832697 toros shirt and thundercloud
832708 orange tie dyed muscle shirt, red worlds biggest mini
832724 yellow innova champion disc
832745 used 98 natl doubles jersey, white roy g mini already claimed
832763 tie dyed towel, bearded brothers bars, discraft sticker
832764 laptop cooler, roy g mini, discraft sticker
832781 necklace, bracelet, thundercloud certificate
832845 blue skies disc, pink
832847 ring, glowsticks already claimed
832860 multicolored necklace & earings, innova sticker already claimed
832875 night golf kit
832950 black dell polo, blue worlds biggest mini
832982 dirty dozen shirt, black zombie puck set (white)
832985 fly ink polo, disc demon sticker already claimed
832998 brown necklace, keen sticker already claimed
833047 a&m polo, innova sticker
833049 black dell polo, white worlds biggest mini
833062 blue pdga am worlds disdc already claimed
833091 blue skies disc, yellow
833111 $25 Disc Nation Gift Certificate already claimed
833125 wire sculpture scorpion already claimed
833139 s. carolina shirt, lolo sticker
833142 blue tie dyed muscle shirt, glow sticks
833157 yellow star lycan disc
833158 blue skies disc, white
833170 black innova egv disc
833205 blue vibram summit disc already claimed



537436 earings, necklace already claimed
537457 blue disc golf polo
537478 bearded brothers bar set
537484 black zombie puck set, blue already claimed
537485 yellow champion golf is dead disc already claimed
537487 $20 Disc Nation Gift Certificate
537538 black zombie puck set, red
537569 texas tea shirt, discraft sticker already claimed
537579 dell polo, toros shirt, thundercloud certificate
537605 white vibram lace disc already claimed
537610 tie dyed muscle shirt, discraft sticker
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