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Default New & Updated Ice Bowl Info, including left over merch, lost discs

Prizes for first place in each division, raffle prizes, mulligan prizes, and CTP prizes can be picked up tomorrow evening at Zilker and Saturday morning at Bartholomew (I’ve copied the info I emailed/posted the other day about exactly when I will be at Zilker & Bart at the bottom of this post). One new CTP info: Rock Shouman won the Father Dave CTP - congratulations Rock!

We had 22 people join the club at Ice Bowl, a very successful membership drive. We’ll send out a full list of their names soon; however, it was too wet to make their member discs so I will have those with me at Zilker and Bart as well.

We have some lost and found discs that we’ll bring to Zilker/Bart. A list is below, near the bottom of the email.

We do have some left-over Ice Bowl merchandise. If anyone want to buy some, come down to Zilker or Bart. Here is what we still have:
Innova DX Aviar, Roc, Cobra, Valkyrie, T-Bird
Innova Champion Gummy Destroyer
Discraft Full Color ESP Buzzz
Discraft CryZtal Buzzz
Discraft Z Nuke
Gateway Chief
Gateway Voodoo

Cobalt Blue SS shirt, in sizes:
Youth: Med. & Youth Lrg.
Adult: Sm, Med, Lrg, XL

Tie Dyed SS shirt, in sizes:
Youth: Med. & Youth Lrg.
Adult: Sm

Silver LS shirt, in sizes:
Adult: Sm, Med, XL

You can see pictures of the shirts on the Club’s facebook page and the Event’s facebook page, just scroll down a ways;

Lost & Found Discs (though most are not from Ice Bowl)
Tracy Miller
Chris Briseno
Charlie Lockwood
Hal McBroom
Daniel Temple
Bomb Tech
Chris Lee
Chris Russer (?)
Bam Lee
Jen Z.
C M Reed
Khali (or Xhali)
Max (phone number ends in 4690)
L.?.R. (L.N.R.??; or L.A.R.??) ? (phone number ends in 7217)
Jeremy (phone number ends in 0530)
Drew (phone number ends in 8517)
John (phone number ends in 5418)

And an unmarked Avenger SS that I think was lost at Ice Bowl.

I will be down at Zilker Park this Thursday evening (feb 5th) for the glow random doubles that Meteor Mike Schulgen runs. Come on down to Zilker, I should be there by 5:30 - 6:00 pm and will be there until it is over. I won't be playing so just look for me in the parking lot.

I will also be at Bart this Saturday morning (feb 7th) for the weekly club mini. I probably will play this one, so will try to be there by 9:00 - 9:15 so you can get stuff before the round at 10:00 (and hopefully stick around to play) or you can come by after the round, I'll definitely hang around until 1:00 pm, maybe a bit later depending on how many people are there and how late the mini runs, etc.


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