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Throwing Techniques Disc throwing techniques - styles, training, trick shots, links to other resources, etc.

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Default Scott Stokely Throwing Clinics - Which Courses Should I Choose?

After a 13 year break from disc golf I've decided to hit the road again and bring back the "National Champion Scott Stokely's 2014 Disc Golf Throwing Clinics" at 75 courses around the US and Canada. At each event I will provide a FREE throwing clinic teaching both basic and advanced disc golf techniques . After each clinic will be an optional round of random draw doubles with small entry fee.


1. Which courses or regions could I expect the largest turnouts
2. Who is the contact person at that course



*** Each event will include a 1 hour throwing clinic followed by 1 round of random draw doubles.
*** The throwing clinic will be completelyFREE and everyone is welcome.
*** Doubles is optional and will cost $10-$15.
*** I am looking for recreational players as well as league/tournament players.
*** I will market at the event course as well as the surrounding courses so I'm looking for both the most active courses as well as the most active regions.
*** These events are a great opportunity to market the sport in your city and I will work with local media and help in any way I can


1995-1998 - World Record for the longest throw (656' 6" - Discraft X-Clone)
1998-2000 - World Record for the longest throw (693' 3" - Discraft XL)
2000-Current - World record for the longest siderarm throw (511' 3" - Discraft XS)
1998-Current - World record for the fastest throw (91 mph - Discraft XL)
17 World and National Disc Golf Titles:
*** 2 World pairs titles
*** 2 World mi/xed-pairs titles
*** 2 US Open Titles
*** 4 National pairs titles
*** 2 National Tough Shot Titles
*** 2 World Distance Titles
*** 2 US Open Distance Titles
37 State Titles in Disc Golf, Distance, DDC, MTA, Accuracy and Freestyle

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Come back to Waco, TX, and show us how you throw Comets over the Brazos River.
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