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Exclamation Bear creeek disc golf

Itís a bird, it's a plane, nope it's disc golf!! Established in 1967 Disc Golf is the world's fastest growing sport with over 90,000 members in the professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). Disc golf continues to grow and set the heights in maintaining its impact environmentally sport civically and Community wise. In the DFW area there over 45 disc golf courses with several thousand disc golfers disc golfing every weekend. It continues to be a potential leader because of its ease-of-use cost, and availability to all ages. I'm sending this report to you because Bear Creek one of the oldest and Premier destinations for disc golf in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has been had to be given to the dogs

Grapevine Community voted over 3 years ago from its citizens to indicate what areas it needed to include to allow people more open use 2 parks. The numbers show The Staggering response for Grapevine to build a dog Park. Don't get me wrong there's nothing against having an area for dogs, but Grapevine plans on taking over 20 acres of land.. My and concerns are threefold they involve practicality, environmentally, and the lack of communication from Grapevine to its current disc golfers to indicate their plans.

Practically speaking Bear Creek has many issues. First of all ,it's below the flood plain level what this means is that when it rains or when there's water in area other areas it tends to drain into these low-level areas. In addition, there are three other dog parks within a 5-mile radius that Grapevine residents can use or why is there the need for 20 acres what about just the two to three acre land plot

Environmentally speaking there are several issues as well. The first of which is with Wildlife that lives in the Bear Creek community. There are several families of coyotes, Bobcats, snakes, and other Wildlife that would be a hazard to dogs its users and their families. In addition, placing a greater number of dogs in a contained area will increase the number of dog fights, dog bites, and issues with potential hazard from dogs and children. Not to mention the potential for disease and outbreak that comes from dogs coming together. It doesn't appear Great Value Council even considered any of these issues when approving Bear Park Bear Creek. Environmentally speaking, disc golf allows its users to play, and maintain a high respect for both the environment, and direct the economy. Scientifically disc golf has been proven to contain brush fire, as well as outbreak from insects, and other issues from Wildlife by being reported more quickly. In addition, Bear Creek is also maintained trash wise by its task of community. We also spend a lot of volunteer time and effort maintaining the brush and habitat.

Communication wise it appears as if Grapevine Council plug this meeting council meeting as a venture for dog park when in reality they had already approved and bypass the approval process for its citizens. No discussion was made on why to utilize Bear Creek as a dog park. No indication was ever given that the disc golf course will be impacted.

We're trying to work with the city of grapevine to maintain Bear Creek however it appears that may be a lost cause. We'd like to work with the city of Grapevine and the surrounding communities of DFW to override a premier course in the in the Grapevine area to number one increase Disc Golf in the DFW area and make it a destination location that can potentially generate income for its citizens. In addition, discs is a huge impact to the community raising funds for the Salvation Army, autism, cancer awareness, and other causes that has dramatically increased those causes in the DFW area. Please help us save Bear Creek, or build a bigger and better course in the same area.

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