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Default Historical record, layered plastic, and XT Rocs

Hi Dave!

Firstly I just want to say I hope this thread gets going again if you're back - I've been going through it methodically and it's been a treasure trove of information for a relatively new player/disc golf addict like me. Be it runs of disc, the stories behind discs, or any other if the hundreds of details (I'm collecting and am barely into my second year playing), this forum is amazing. Please keep coming back.

But you're a busy man I'm sure so I'll get on to my questions (more to come I'm sure).

1. Has anyone made a record of Innova Champion's catalogue?

Specifically a book I suppose but a digital book or database would be just as cool. In my mind it would include every disc you've made and any stories that go with them (special runs, stamps, how or why they were named the name they got given, players who used them, even notable single shots or aces etc etc). Wouldn't that be unbelievably cool? A coffee table size book too.. I would certainly order a copy or two and so would collectors I'm sure. And the first ones would have the protostar dust jacket.

2. Would it be possible to layer two types of plastic, e.g. firm plastic like KC pro with XT?

As a player with veery dry skin I have to resort to wetting my fingers to get enough purchase when putting and while this works I'd rather not have to, if you know what I mean (correct me if I'm wrong but i believe you suffer from the same issue).

3. What mold is the XT Roc pulled from and is their board flat top just a idiosyncrasy of the XT cooling process or is that intentional, i.e. Roc3? I kind of feel they're one of the best kept secrets in the current factory store line up. I hope you'll keep making them! Even firmer if possible (see #2)!

4. (Thought of one more) The beadless Gator mold, why was that passed on to Millenium? Didn't it sell?

I found one on the shelf at my local dealer last year and instantly recognised it as I'd heard about them but never seen one. It very quickly became my go to FH upshot disc and now I'm trawling the net for back ups (I have one) as I don't find the Millenium/Hyzerbomb Mortar feels as good. I know, I might probably just being silly but the older Star plastic is much better.

Thanks for your time in advance,

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